Exposure of Impacted Teeth

Normally, teeth will erupt from the jaw bones and into their natural positions. Most commonly in children, canine teeth remain impacted in the jaw bones. When this happens, your orthodontist may request a surgical exposure of the impacted tooth or teeth. Canine teeth are particularly important to appearance and vital to guiding your teeth into the proper alignment when you chew.
An orthodontic bracket can be affixed to the exposed tooth so your orthodontist can gently guide the tooth into its natural position.

Should I have any of these procedures done with I.V. Sedation or General Anesthesia?

Some bone socket preservation procedures can be performed with local anesthetic. More involved procedures such as sinus lifts and socket preservation done in conjunction with extractions may require sedation. Dr. Pierri will discuss all of your options with you so you can make an informed decision. If sedation is used; our Board Certified M.D. Anesthesiologist will place you in a restful sleep while Dr. Lynn Pierri performs this procedure.

What happens after surgery?

After surgery our Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Certified Registered Nurses will care for you in our recovery room and prepare you for your post-operative period at home. The nurse will provide you and your driver with detailed printed instructions on:

  • how and when to take you medications
  • using the provided ice-packs
  • a suggested diet to follow during your recovery period
  • when you can resume exercising
  • after-care instructions and general precautions
  • when you can start brushing your teeth and rinsing
  • and, will answer any additional questions you may have