Patient Information

In some cases, Dr. Pierri may participate with your plan, and we will accept “assignment of benefits.” We will bill the insurance company on your behalf, provided the proper paperwork is supplied to us in a timely fashion. We will also assist you in billing your secondary insurance carrier, if applicable, and in researching unpaid claims upon request.

However, because we may be unable to pre-authorize your insurance coverage before your first visit to the office, the fee for the consult and X-ray must be paid for at the time of the visit. You will be furnished with a copy of your paid bill which will contain all information necessary to file a claim to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been established, we will help you obtain pre-authorization for your procedure. Every effort will be made to closely estimate your co-payment and deductible which are due at the time of service. The participating insurance payment will be accepted as payment-in-full only after all deductibles have been met and all co-payments have been collected.

Some benefit plans require pre-authorization and specialist referral forms from your primary physician. Please provide the proper Insurance plan identification and forms necessary prior to your visit.